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Custom Ceremonies

Many couples today want to express their devotion to one another through personal vows during their wedding ceremony. Others prefer to use a ceremony that I provide for them. Some couples choose a combination of the two.

Either way, the common theme of all ceremonies is that they celebrate a couples’ love for one another, no matter their faith, lifestyle, or culture. I will work with you to create a ceremony that matches your vision of this special day.

To further personalize your ceremony, you may include readings by family members or friends. You may choose to add a unity ceremony, which is a wonderful way to celebrate the couple joining their two lives into one.

The most popular unity ceremonies are the Sand Ceremony, the Unity Candle, or the Rose Ceremony. Each of these can add a special touch that will create a meaningful and memorable addition to honor your day of celebration.

Ceremony Types

Civil- A civil ceremony does not include any religious aspects.

Religious- A religious ceremony can be traditional, or it can include just a few aspects from your religion.

Spiritual- A spiritual ceremony does not subscribe to one specific religion, but rather incorporates elements from several religions that are more spiritual and less conforming.

Renewal of Vows – A renewal of vows ceremony is a beautiful way for couples to rededicate themselves to one another.

Interfaith – An interfaith ceremony blends cultures, traditions, or religious aspects-allowing everyone feel celebrated and included.

Elements of a Ceremony

Every ceremony has a certain structure with a variety of elements. The length of your service will depend on how many elements you choose to include. The following is a list of elements in a typical wedding ceremony:

Processional – The entrance of the wedding party.

Welcome Statement – A statement of welcoming to those gathered in attendance.

Marriage Address – A paragraph about the role of marriage in our lives.

Vows – The promises that couples make to one another.

Ring Ceremony – The exchange of wedding rings.

Pronouncement – The official proclamation that the couple are now legally married.

Recessional – The exiting of the couple followed by the wedding party.

The Following Elements are Optional Additions:

Remembrances and Acknowledgements – Special words or a moment of silence to pay tribute to those who cannot attend the ceremony.

Personal Paragraph – A paragraph about the couple.

Poetry/Reading – Classic love and wedding poetry as well as readings from different cultures and religions.

Final Blessing/Prayer – The offering of good wishes to the couple as they begin their life journey.

Unity/Symbol Ceremony – A symbolic ceremony that celebrates the union of the couple.

Wedding Officiant Los Angeles CA

Wedding Officiant Los Angeles